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+ How do I Know if I'm Right for this Program?

If you are committed to getting better, you understand that some things will have to change, you need to be 100% because people rely on you, you haven’t given up, you truly believe in yourself and your body’s resilience, then you are the right kind of person for this.

+ Who Should Not Take This Program?

If you are committed to getting better and willing to put forth the effort to strengthen your body you will do extremely well with this program.

However, there are 3 types of people who may not be a good fit.

  1. Dabblers. Those who aren’t committed and won’t put forth the energy to see their small steps add up.

  2. Zombies. Those who are committed to staying sick. We can’t help anyone who doesn’t truly want to be helped. Especially with a program that works by teaching you total self empowerment.

  1. Those who are pregnant, nursing, or have active cancer are advised to speak to their personal physician regarding the safety of this program for their specific case, or to take the program at a later time when those conditions don’t apply.

+ How Long Does it Take to Graduate Each of the 4 Stages?

Each stage takes on average 2-8 weeks to graduate. The progress depends entirely on the severity of your condition, consistency in practice, and external factors (stressors, weather changes, difficult foods).

+ What If It Takes Me Longer to Graduate a Stage?

That’s just fine. You’ll have all the information, and know what to do. You simply continue with your breathing, self care, and herbs. It’s only a matter of time before you're onto the next stage.

+ How Long Do I Have to View the Content?

You have Lifetime access to Stages 1-4. That means if you need to take a break, or review anything, you'll always be able to.

+ I'm Pregnant or Nursing. Is this Program Safe for Me?

It's best to speak to your personal physician if pregnant or nursing regarding this course. You may choose to wait to take the course until you are no longer pregnant or nursing if there are concerns.

+ I Have Cancer. Can I Safely do this Program?

It's best to speak to your personal physician if you have active cancer before beginning this course. You may choose to wait to take the course until you are cancer free if there are concerns.

+ What is the Refund Policy?

The entire program works based on your participation and cooperation. We make every effort to show you the way; ultimately it's your decision to walk the path. As you implement what you learn, you will see improvements.

If you can honestly say that your pain levels have not improved at all within 14 days, we will refund the price of the program. Herbs and supplies are nonrefundable.

+ What if I Can't Finish the Program?

This healing approach works significantly better if you are consistent, especially during the first few stages. That being said, life happens. Sometimes we fall off the wagon.

You have lifetime access to the course. When you’re ready to get back on the path, go back to Stage 1 and review the material. You can thank yourself for the work that you've already done. You'll graduate through the Stages that you've already accomplished rather quickly.

+ What Happens When I Finish the Program?

When you finish the program your pain levels should be lower, and energy improved. You get your life back.

At that point, when you're ready to graduate Stage 4, you will be eligible to start the stages 5-8 Resilience Program which focuses on training for physical, mental, and emotional suppleness. This is the best way to prevent relapse.